Anonymous Hamburg invites YOU!

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Anonymous Hamburg invites YOU!

Post  anonymou on Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:37 am

hi guise !

we are anonymous hamburg,germany, maybe you heard of us from the WWP or our raid-videos.

after the megaraid in london, we decided to start a own megaraid in our city and top them with live acts,speeches, work shops and much moar!

the raid will be from the 3rd-6th of december.the mainraid will be at saturday the 5th,lisa mcpherson's deathday.we plan to be 100-150 anons.

so, take your train,plane or whatever to visit hamburg,we invite YOU to join our megaraid and have an epic party at our org !!

for any questions, please visit at first our megaraid blog.



greetings,anonymous hamburg


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